A surveyor, Toby, measures the distance between two landmarks and the point where he stands. He also measured the angles between the landmarks in degrees. the triangle hastwo sides(65,55)angles (40,30)What is the distance, x, between the two landmarks? Round the answer to the nearest tenth.32.5 m42.1 m85.1 m98.5 m

Accepted Solution

The Set Up:x² = (Side1)² + (Side2)² - 2[(Side1)(Side2)] Solution:cos(Toby's Angle) • x² = 55² + 65² - 2[(55)(65)] cos(110°)x² = 3025 + 4225 -7150[cos(110°)]x² = 7250 - 2445.44x = √4804.56x = 69.31mThe distance, x, between two landmarks is 69.31m.Note: The answer choices given are incorrect.