Elise and her dad are planning to attend the state fair. An adult ticket is $21.00. The price of an adult ticket is $10.00 more than two thirds the price of a student ticket. Write an equation to determine how much Elise will pay for a student ticket. A)two thirdsx + 21 = 10 B)two thirdsx βˆ’ 21 = 10 C)two thirdsx + 10 = 21 D)two thirdsx βˆ’ 10 = 21

Accepted Solution

Answer:C. two thirds x + 10 = 21Step-by-step explanation:GivenPrice of adult ticket = $21.00Let x be the price of student ticketThen two third of the student ticket will be:[tex]\frac{2}{3} x[/tex]The statement $10.00 more than two third of student ticket:[tex]\frac{2}{3} x+10[/tex]As we are given in the question that the adult ticket price is $21.00 and the second explanation is th equation formed by the given statementSo, both will be equivalent[tex]\frac{2}{3} x+10 = 21[/tex]Solving this equation for x will give us the price for the student ticket.Hence,C. two thirdsx + 10 = 21 is the correct answer ..