How can one determine the median of a data set?oby ordering the data points and finding the middle value of the setO by ordering the data points and finding the most common value in the setO by finding the average of the different values in the setO by finding the difference between the highest and lowest values of the set

Accepted Solution

Answer:AStep-by-step explanation:The median value on a data set is the value that accumulates 50% of the values at its left and the other 50% at its right. In other words, it is the value that divides the data set in two halves. Lets see each option and find this value:B: By doing it we are finding the mode, the value that is repeated most. This is incorrect!C: By doing this we are finding the mean, the average or the arithmetic mean. This is incorrect! D: This gives us the range, not the median. This is incorrect!Finally, A is correct, as this is what we said at the beginning of the text. Ordering the values and finding the one the splits the data set in 2 equal parts is the median.