Question #2:Susan created a list below of her monthly household expenses. If she works 40 hoursper week, what does her hourly wage need to be to meet these expenses?Rent: $875Monthly Bills: $1276Entertainment and Food: $648Savings: $250

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]\$17.59\ per\ hour[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:we know thatThe Susan's hourly wage, must be equal at least to the sum of her monthly household expenses divided by the number of hours worked at month Remember that[tex]1\ year=52\ weeks\\1\ year=12\ months[/tex] She works 40 hours  per weekso[tex]40(52)=2,080\ hours\ per\ year[/tex][tex]2,080/12=\frac{520}{3}\ hours\ per\ month[/tex]Find out the monthly household expensesSum all the expensesRent+ Monthly Bills+Entertainment and Food+Savingssubstitute the values[tex]\$875+\$1,276+\$648+\$250=\$3,049[/tex]Find out the hourly wage[tex]\$3,049:\frac{520}{3}\ hours=\$17.59\ per\ hour[/tex]